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Versatility is our Competitive Edge

October 17, 2014

“We haven’t seen a product we couldn’t dry.” Really, it’s true. In our numerous years of experience drying biosolids and many other by-products, we seldom come across an application that we couldn’t handle. We attribute this to our company’s versatility and willingness to accommodate all of our customers’ needs.

Custom Drying SystemWhen we say we have dried everything from blood to wood, we really mean it. Our past applications have included blood meal, bone meal, eggshells, feather meal, fish meal, bakery waste, wood, cellulosic, paper waste, manures, poultry manure, hatchery waste, municipal biosolids and DAFT solids, algae, pork skin, and poultry processing residue, among others. We have had customers come to us over the years with a wide variety of products that needed to be dried, and virtually every time, we have developed a custom solution to meet their needs.

Our versatility and flexibility in this manner has allowed us to design these custom systems. When it comes to our drying system, the main equipment remains the same, no matter the end application or customer specifications. The supplementary components are then developed in order to meet specifications. Depending on the product that has to be dried and how sensitive the application may be (for example, blood is more sensitive and therefore needs to be treated more carefully), we determine how the peripheral equipment should be developed. No matter the application, we ensure that the system maintains the integrity of the product as a baseline across the board.By-product being dried

At the end of the day, we see ourselves as a supplier of a complete solution, as opposed to a supplier of simply a dryer. We have the capabilities of designing and manufacturing systems that can handle almost any product and meet most specifications, including taking efficient emissions control or more sensitive product into consideration. We strive on being a turnkey solution provider to our customers. Our versatility and willingness to be flexible allows us to create a drying system to accommodate many different needs—really, we haven’t faced a challenge we couldn’t find a way to dry.

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