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Uzelac Industries made the Future 50

October 17, 2012

Gregory Olszewski from Uzelac inspects a drum.

At Uzelac Industries, we have always cared about high quality products and outstanding customer service more than winning awards. That said, we are genuinely honored (and thrilled) to be a first-year winner in the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce’s annual list of rapidly growing companies, the “Future 50”. This honor is a testament to our founder, Mike Uzelac’s, vision and commitment. Combining and rejuvenating old line small business and weathering one of the worst recessions in American history is a tough thing to pull off (to put it mildly), but not only have we made it, we’ve thrived. Since we started, we have more than doubled our facility’s initial square footage and added quite a few jobs. It is helpful that the market for biofuel and biomass technology has begun to gain traction over the past decade. Every day, scientists and researchers are finding new ways to use organic wastes to power the homes, businesses, and transportation of the future. It is a truly exciting time to be involved with biomass and biofuels, and it’s nice that others recognize the future when they see it!  These new markets, along with our valued customer base in the Rendering Industry, have greatly contributed to our success.

While we serve clients all across the country and the globe, we are quite proud of our involvement in bettering the local business community. We have always felt that our core values come directly from the inspiring people of the Midwest, especially those in the Milwaukee area. Therefore, we just wanted to thank everyone at the MMAC for this honor, and we hope we can add even more jobs and revenue to the area in the next few years.

Thanks again!

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